Nursery, School and Further Education Prospectuses

Academic resources that communicate the right message

When it comes to designing resources for educational establishments top marks is an expectation, not an option.

Set the standard for a great first impression.
Your prospectus is the first introduction parents or students have to your Nursery, School or College. Education is so vital to everyone that ensuring you clearly express your professionalism, goals, vision and values is critical in attacting interest and inspiring confidence.

Why invest in professional design?
With a nationwide epidemic of shrinking budgets and cuts, it’s easy to see why some decision makers opt for a cheaper option when developing vital resources.

Creating a prospectus in Word and printing in-house may seem budget friendly, but the damage caused by this type of marketing is almost impossible to bounce back from. When you’re offering is for a life defining event like a child’s first school, or later in life an FE course, parents and potential students will have high demands and even higher expectations.

Fail to live up to these at your peril.

Things to consider when designing your prospectus.
Your prospectus will shape the vision parents and students have of your school or college. Careful consideration needs to be given to the way in which you communicate the unique nature of the environment and life within your establishment.

I can take care of the project from start to finish.
G2 Creative has huge experience in creating a wide range of high quality brochures, reports, workbooks and other marketing collateral for business and the learning sector.

My prospectus design service means everything is taken into consideration and you are guaranteed a professional finish. After an initial briefing session to establish and gather the relevant information such as copy and imagery, I create the layouts for comment and refinement. Once you’re happy with the prospectus design I finalise it and arrange the print. It couldn’t be simpler.

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Prospectus Top Tips!

  • Make sure your branding is strong, upfront and clear
  • Commission high quality creative imagery
  • Be very clear about your message
  • Ensure copy is compelling and conveys your vision and ethos
  • Don't cram too much information into a small space
  • Have a clear structure and contents page
  • Show clear contact information to make it easy for readers to contact you
  • Have a call to action and tell them what happens next

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