Professional gift voucher design opens the door to more revenue and the opportunity to connect with new customers

Be certain you have this invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal

With one in four people preferring to buy gift vouchers as presents, it makes sound business sense to offer them to your customers.

But that’s not the end of the benefits!
Every gift card purchased by a customer immediately puts money in your pocket. It also opens up the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with a new customer when it is redeemed…win,win. Furthermore, between 8-10% of vouchers go unused, meaning you never have to supply the service you sold, yet another bonus.

Why invest in professional gift voucher design?
Gift vouchers MUST be appealing and have a high perceived value. The purchaser has to be confident they are giving a voucher that looks legitimate and mainstream so the recipient will appreciate the gift and the sentiment. This is where my bespoke branded voucher design wins out.

Things to consider when designing your voucher.
It’s tempting to create something simple on a PC and just copy it. The pitfalls here are numerous and can cause big problems further down the line. Security, validation, validity periods, terms and conditions all need serious consideration even before the voucher design is started.

I can take care of the project from start to finish.
My gift voucher design service means everything is taken into consideration and you are guaranteed a professional finish. After an initial briefing session to gather the relevant information, I create the gift voucher visuals for approval and refinement. Once you’re happy with the voucher design I finalise it and arrange the print. It couldn’t be simpler.

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Gift Voucher Design Tips

  • They need to look really professional - homemade photocopied strips of paper simply don't cut it
  • Make sure they're difficult to copy or recreate - forgeries cost you real time and money
  • Have some means of authorising them - sequential numbers, signatures and unique stamps all work well
  • Push them with graphic social media posts, hang posters showing the vouchers and tell customers about them
  • Present them well so they look like a genuine thoughtful gift - a branded wallet or printed envelopes add value
  • Give them a start date and a valid for period, otherwise you won't feel the benefit if they turn up five years later
  • Cover yourself and your customers in the small print - it's ethical and saves future problems

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