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Graphic design covers a lot of areas. It’s a major part of how you business looks from a marketing point of view and it carries your image and message into everything you do. Getting that consistency right, time after time is vitally important.

I bring together all areas of design to make sure you always look good.

My Core Services

Creative Graphic Design

To make the distinction between everyday design, and creative design its important to look at the processes involved, and how the finished products differ.

Most competent designers can take a number of elements and place them together in an relatively pleasing way. The question is how many can take it to the next level?


Creative Graphic Design

Put simply, creative design is problem solving. It involves being clear about what the objective is and being able to achieve this in a striking, unusual, non-verbal fashion. For any brief there are a number of what could be called ‘obvious’ solutions. These are associations of imagery, text and style that readily come to mind. For some this is enough but the results tends to look ‘ordinary’

To get the best results from your design budget, the finished product needs to be striking, different, clever, tactical, brave, well executed – all of the things that make people remember it. And when they remember it, they come back and buy.

A creative graphic designer is intuitive and confident in their judgement. They aren’t afraid to randomly experiment, which invariably yields new concepts and ideas. These can open up alternative lines of thought which are followed, manipulated and fused to produce a result far beyond the obvious.

Having these concepts is one thing, but being able to make them real is another. Vast experience and expertise in a variety of professional design applications allows the Creative designer to express their ideas seamlessly. Whether its a leaflet, brochure, logo or website concept, it allows them to deliver the result in appropriate technical formats for all mediums, ready to hit the press, be uploaded or published first time with minimum fuss and superb results.

This is my day job, its what I do and I love the challenge.

Whether your customers are local to Durham, Washington, Consett, Gateshead,Newcastle, Sunderland, Newton Aycliffe, Teesside the wider North East Region or further afield our high quality Creative Graphic Design Service is perfect for any job upon your request.

I’m always at the end of the phone for help and advice. Just call me on 07889 124361


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Design For Print

In today’s digital age, the emphasis is very much weighted towards online marketing. What many don’t realise is that paper based design is still a vital part of your marketing mix.

Online marketing is becoming more and more competitive, noisy and expensive. So why is design for print the sensible choice for reinforcing your promotional activity?

Design For Print

The switch from paper based marketing to electronic media has been huge, fuelled by the way we all interact with media. Computers, mobiles, and tablets have become a convenient and accessible way of getting information. Because of this print-based marketing has taken a bit of a back seat.

In the last ten years most businesses have been doing some kind of digital marketing. Flyers, leaflets, brochures, direct mail, newsletters and most other printed materials have in some way moved online. Although it’s unlikely that there will ever be a major shift back to paper, what we’re now seeing is the fusion of the two mediums to create a complimentary and multi-platform style of advertising that exploits the benefits of both.

Canadian Neuroscietific research, using EEG and MRI technology, has highlighted some unique advantages of paper over digital. It seems the human brain connects more readily with paper on a number of levels.

  • The brain responds to the tactile nature of paper
  • Reading comprehension is better on paper
  • Paper information is read for longer than digital
  • Brand and information recall is better on paper
  • Perceived business credibility is better on paper  
  • Paper is better for visual impact
  • Paper is more easily accessed

All of these points make printed materials perfect for getting across your marketing message to potential customers.

There is one other thing that currently gives paper a distinct advantage. With so may companies concentrating their efforts online, consumers are less exposed to physical paper based marketing. This leaves the field clear for your name and message to shine on paper.

While the competition isn’t doing it, you should be!

I’ve specialised for many years in creating designs for print that stand out and get results. Knowing how to target, lay-out, structure and word this kind of work is vital to its success. My wide experience of print and production processes means my work hits the press first time, without fuss or additional costs to deliver great results for my clients.

I can help with any paper-based projects from concept to delivery. Give me a buzz to discuss anything you may need on 07889 124 361.

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Website Design

The fact is that if you’re in business you need a website. It’s your first hello to anyone searching for your type of services online and adds professional credibility if they’re just checking you out.

The reasons for having a website vary from business to business so you have to be very clear about what you need and expect from it.

Website Design

What usually happens is a business owner will commission a website because they’re ‘should have’ an online presence. Unfortunately, what they ‘should have’ and what they actually need can be two completely different things. Being clear about the functionality that’s actually required and making sure the structure and quality of design enhances your business image is vital.

Too many ‘Web Designers’ are actually programmers who can put together the code to make the site function but just don’t have the skills or the inclination to make it visually appealing. They are essentially doing half the job.

Looks matter.

People are influenced by appearances. Why else would supermarkets go out of their way to select only the most pristine and regularly shaped fruit and veg?

If your website doesn’t fit customer expectations of how a reliable and professional business presents itself, they’ll be gone in a flash. Your website is often the first impression they have of your business so it must be well thought out, relevant and reflect your image and standards beautifully.

What type of website?

I work with developers at all levels to bring together a stunning look and the right programming to meet your objectives and your budget.

I like to think of web development as a three platform system:

Basic: Low cost starter sites ideal for sole traders and start-ups.

Standard: Mainstream sites offering higher functionality.

Bespoke: For sites requiring complex ground-up coding.

Please note, whichever type of website you choose, I personally create a unique design and layout from scratch. No templates are used.

If you’re considering a new or refreshed website, give me a call first to find out how I can help.

Call 07889 124 361 or email:

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