Why it makes sound business sense to INVEST in professional graphic design.

Many business owners feel they can reduce costs by designing their own marketing materials. They generally produce their artwork in Word or Publisher because that’s what they know. Unfortunately, there are pitfalls to this that aren’t immediately obvious:

It means taking time out of their business.
The learning curve and amount of time it will take them to achieve what they’re after far outweighs the fees a Pro would charge to do it much better and much faster.

It won’t show their business in its best light.
An amateurish design and finish gives the wrong impression and can actually put people off. An experienced professional has insights into communicating with potential customers. They hit the mark first time without risking business credibility.

It actually increases print costs.
Artwork from a Pro is print ready and hits the press first time. Printers may charge for converting DIY Word or Publisher files to suitable print formats. The less a printer has to do in pre-production the better.

It may not get the response they expect.
An experienced Pro knows what works and why. They get it right first time. A DIY campaign that fails costs real time, real money and is a lost opportunity. Remember, a bad impression is just as powerful as a good one.

DIY or poor quality design really is false economy.
Creating effective, eye-catching design that shows your business in its best light takes skill and experience. If your offering looks amateurish, that’s how the viewer will think you do business – unfair but true. Substandard graphic design will waste money and scare away customers.

For maximum impact and response INVEST in professional graphic design and print. It can earn you more than you spend.

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