Gro Supplies - E-commerce Website Development

Gro Supplies are a successful retailer of hydroponics equipment and nutrients for the indoor growing market. The holy grail of e-commerce trading is to have as few clicks as possible to purchase.

The Brief

Gro supplies have a reputation offline for being very knowledgeable and giving great advice when it comes to navigating the many thousands of products available in the hydroponics industry today.

To carry this into their website, they wanted to offer various comprehensive growing packages, built to their own specifications.

This gave beginners to growing indoors or those needing a easy and rapid expansion in capacity the option of a simple and effective ready made solution. 


The Approach

It was important to simplify what could have been a very complex and time consuming process if researched and purchased separately by the customer.

The kits themselves would also be cheaper than the sum of the parts if bought separately, making them much better value.

By answering a few questions about their basic requirements, online customers could be purchasing a professionally assembled growing package in as few as 6 clicks.

The Style

Because of the simplicity of the concept the entire look and feel of the purchase section of the site was kept big and bold, with clear instruction as to the next step.

The use of the logo colours keeps the look firmly within the brand standards and allows clear demarcation between various sections and actions.