Eden Garden Nursery - Information Pack

When first launched Eden Garden Nursery had a vast amount of information to distribute to parents. It was vital that this could be updated on an ad-hock basis in the most cost effective way possible.

The Brief

Government and Ofsted regulations require that a large amount of information must be made available to parents and carers using childcare. To reinforce the professional approach of Eden Garden Nursery this needed to be presented in an accessible but appealing way that still enhanced the brand and company ethos.

It also had to be simple and cost effective to update as some content would need to be changed on a regular basis.

The Approach

In order to minimise future reprinting costs I suggested using a modular format. This allowed individual sections of the pack to be updated at any time without having to reprint the whole publication.

Rather than a traditional brochure, the use of die-cut stepped inserts in an enclosing folder solved this issue. This works very well, with parents being given the updated inserts when required to keep their information pack current.

The Style

The bright and colourful look established with the branding is carried through and developed here to create a structured and competent feel. Using images of the same child throughout helps to tie together the various elements of the pack further.

Eden Garden always intended to set the bar high for childcare in the region. The aim was to inspire confidence in parents that the setting and staff are managed and trained to the highest levels for their child’s wellbeing.

The Application

As well as holding the standard die-cut stepped inserts, the folder also contains other secondary information, such as policy documents, financial information, application forms and sample menus.

The versatility of the pack means that it also serves as a single point of reference for parents, keeping all information neatly together for the duration of their child’s time at Eden Garden Nursery.